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The Top 13 Safety Apps That You Need on Your Phone!

Smartphones and tablets are a part of everyday life now both personal and work related, so much so that we’ve designed a line of touchscreen-compatible gloves for every industry. While there are some professionals who shy away from these new technologies, industry leaders and trendsetters embrace new technology that can improve their productivity.

TenActiv™ 18-Gauge Composite Filament Fiber Cut-Resistant Knit with Foam Nitrile Palms Product ID: S18TAFGFN

This blog is a celebration of those tech savvy safety professionals who want to use every tool at their disposal. Here are a list of some of our favorite safety apps that you should download today.


1. DarkSky:

If you are in any industry where weather can affect the job or job site, having a weather app on your device is essential.

Unlike the weather app that comes standard with your iPhone or Android device, Dark Sky (Android | iPhone) aims to create a new kind of predictive forecast to now what the weather will be like in an immediate location within the hour.

This app is perfect for anyone working in landscaping, construction or just working under a tight deadline and need to know if the rain will be stopping anytime soon.


2. Hazmat Emergency Response Guide:

This is the electronic version of the Department of Transportation’s Emergency Response Guide (Android | iPhone).

It is a searchable resource; you can do keyword or term searches on the fly instead of flipping through indexes and pages of material to find what you need.

Hazmat Emergency Response Guide


We’ve outlined a pretty good introduction to arc flash with The No-BS Approach to Arc Flash but when you need to know the nitty gritty information, there are two incredible safety apps that you should not be without.



3. NFPA 70E 2012 Edition:

This is the arc flash code that is distributed by the National Fire Protection Agency.

This online edition iPhone) allows you to browse articles or search by keyword and access important electrical safety news from the NFPA.

The app does cost a few dollars but it’s certainly more convenient than lugging around a textbook all day long.

nfpa 70e 2012 edition


4. Electrical Edge: Arc Flash Calculator:

Electrical Edge: Arc Flash Calculator (iPhone) is a tool developed to help anyone trying to calculate the potential dangers from an arc flash.

Whether you’re an electrical engineer, a safety manager or field technician, knowing the inner workings of electrical equipment is important.

electrical edge arc flash calculator


5. NIOSH Pocket Guide for Chemical Hazards:

The National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health mobile app has entries for 634 chemicals and allows you to search chemical by name, synonym, DOT number, CAS number and RTECS number.


6. Chemical Safety Data Sheets:

The Chemical Safety Data Sheets app (iPhone) provides the International Chemical Safety Cards (ICSC) that are put our by the United Nations Environment Program, the International Labour Office, and the World Health Organization.

ICSCs are similar to Material Safety Data Sheets, but are formatted to be a simple, more concise and standard 1 to 2 page document on all pertinent information.

chemical safety data sheets


7. Dropbox:

It might be pretty obvious to suggest Dropbox (Android | iPhone), but everyone should have access to a cloud storage application.

Dropbox is considered one of the gold standard cloud storage providers. Having all of your safety policies and documents at your fingertips is a valuable time saver.



8. DocuSign:

Do not be stuck carrying around stacks and stacks of forms and papers.

Docusign (Android | iPhone) is an application that allows you or others sign off on documents using a finger or their stylus.

This solves the problem of having to find paper and scan it to send electronically.


9. OSHA Safety Regulations, Checklists, Audits Reports:

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) is the federal agency that enforces safety and health regulations in the United States.

While OSHA can’t just shut down your jobsite, they can fine you and your company for workplace safety violations.

This safety app (iPhone) was designed to help you easily brush up on OSHA safety regulations, create checklists, generate reports, and add photos and comments for reference.

The app covers OSHA regulations for manufacturing, service industries, warehouse, construction and medical/dental fields. It also serves as a great reference tool for avoiding violations including OSHA’s Top 10 Citations.

OSHA Safety Regulations Safety App


10. Job Safety Analysis:

A job safety analysis (JSA) is a procedure that helps incorporate health and safety principles and practices into a job or task.

When completing a JSA, each basic step of the job is outlined to identify potential hazards and recommend the safest way to do the job.

This free Job Safety Analysis app  (Android | iPhone) can be used on-site to create a customized JSA which you can send electronically to your employees on that site.

There are also pre-filled options to save you time and you can include photos of the hazards and risks that are present.

Job Safety Analysis Safety App


11. Keep Track of Lockout/Tagout Procedures:

Lockout/Tagout ensures that dangerous machinery is properly shut off and not able to be started up again until maintenance or servicing of the machinery is completed.

Brady Link360 Lockout/Tagout (Android | iPhone) allows you to create well-defined lockout/tagout procedures while standing by the machine.

These steps can be shared with your work crew. It also allows you to add photos and diagrams, and share them with other app users.


12. When You’re Working at Heights:

If you’re working at heights it’s important to know your fall clearance swing fall distances.

While you could spend time to calculate it in your head, Honeywell made this easy-to-use safety app to do all the thinking for you.

Miller Fall Clearance app (Android | iPhone) will help you calculate your fall clearance and swing fall whether you’re using a self-retracting line or lanyard and is available in English, Spanish and French.

miller fall clearance app


13. Crosby Sling Calculator:

Need to know if the rig you have set up is adequate enough to lift the equipment you are trying to lift?

This little app can help (iTunes).

It is designed to take the type of rigging you are using, combine that with the weight and geometry of your lift load and tell you if what you are using for your lift is the right equipment.

It does cost $25 but compared to the cost of injuries or damaged equipment, it is money well spent.


Now that you have all of these new apps to make your job easier and keep your employees safer, why not get a FREE sample of the S18TAFGFN pictured below?

Why you need them:

  • Great cut resistance (ANSI A4)
  • Thin, comfortable and high tactile feel
  • Touchscreen compatible

TenActiv™ 18-Gauge Composite Filament Fiber Cut-Resistant Knit with Foam Nitrile Palms Product ID: S18TAFGFN

TenActiv™ 18-Gauge Composite Filament Fiber Cut-Resistant Knit with Foam Nitrile Palms Product ID: S18TAFGFN



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