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Proactive Prevention: The Benefits of Touchscreen Gloves

When you aren’t prepared or protected, you can be at much higher risk for an accident. This is reflected in injury statistics, where almost 70% of all hand injuries occur when workers aren’t wearing their gloves.

But why aren’t workers wearing their gloves? If the gloves are comfortable, while offering protection against various workplace hazards, why not use them?

In almost all cases, you’ll find workers wearing their gloves in the workplace. There’s no debate there. Dig a little deeper into those injury reports, however and you’ll find that those highlighted accidents are occurring in those brief moments when gloves are taken off. Either workers need more precision with a specific task, they’re updating data on a tablet or they’re simply giving their hands a moment to breath.

It was the second item on the list that stood out to us: device use and its connection to hand injuries. What could we do to lower that number? Of course, in today’s digital world, it is almost impossible to find an occupation where touchscreen devices aren’t being used in some capacity – so your PPE should be able to adapt accordingly.

At Superior Glove, we recognized the need for high-performing safety gloves that didn’t need to be removed to operate touchscreen devices. As leaders in safety through innovation, we’ve engineered several styles of touchscreen compatible gloves.

Regardless of your industry, having sizable control over your dexterity and specific movement can be equally as important as staying protected. When you’re in need of a more exact touch, the right touchscreen glove can protect against workplace hazards without sacrificing needed functionality. if you happen to be working with tablets or on-site electronics, you’ll probably require a glove with a more precise feel that allows you to use your fingers while still offering the protection you expect.

We selected five industries where touchscreen compatibility is a must and provided our choice for the best-performing touchscreen gloves given the unique challenges of each industry.


In the fabrication industry, being able to balance dexterity with safety features is key, which makes this an ideal industry for touchscreen gloves.

Designed for those working closely with glass or sheet metal handling, the SKWCP uses a unique combination of Kevlar® and stainless-steel yarn, which is blended with the glove’s polyester to provide cut resistance and wearer comfort.

With this glove’s touchscreen compatibility, the wearer can still see to those more hands-on tasks, such as digitally recording the day’s material usage, without taking their gloves off and possibly putting their hands at risk.


The automotive industry is becoming increasingly digitized while still maintaining many of the traditional hazards first seen on Henry Ford’s line. Workers are increasingly required to incorporate digital reporting into their work, which means having to remove and re-don their safety gloves frequently throughout their shift.

Touchscreen gloves are a perfect fit for automotive workers dividing their time between assembly line and computer screen.

The S18TGFN,with protection from both abrasions and cuts, comes with a knit-shell designed to keep you safe, alongside a nitrile coating that can withstand solvents and enhance grip. While you’re juggling reviewing a digital document on your tablet and tightening a bolt on an engine, you may not have time to remove your gloves. With touchscreen compatibility on the S18TGFN, you won’t have to worry.

Utilities and Construction

Depending on your workplace and more so if you happen to be in an industry as varied as construction, your tasks or role may change or evolve over time. Wouldn’t it be convenient to have one pair of gloves that can handle all the various tasks and hazards that get thrown your way?

The S18TAGOFN is abrasion, cut and puncture resistant, allowing you to confront numerous potential workplace challenges with ease. The high-visibility orange shell adds an additional safety component, while the foam nitrile palm improves your grip in wet or oily environments.

If you’re an on-site supervisor, tasked with the day-long chore of digitally monitoring employee movement, shift lengths or inventory, not having to constantly change in-and-out of your gloves can be a greatly useful asset.

Cleanroom Gloves

We’ve talked before about the importance of having a clean, smoothly operating workplace and how staying vigilant can help to minimize both employee risk and hazards.

If you’re working in a cleanroom, simply removing your gloves can lead to a potential contamination hazard, even if you’re only performing data entry. With touchscreen compatibility, you’ll be able to be keep working without creating a hazard or interrupting workflow.

The S13TAPUCF, with abrasion, cut and puncture resistance, has terrific grip thanks to its palm coating and is designed for use in sterile environments where residual damage must be kept to a minimum.

General Maintenance and Electronics

While having full-hand safety can be critical, your particular job or industry might require having a more tactical, barehanded feel without eliminating expected or even necessary safety features. When you’re working with small parts (such as electronics) optimizing your dexterity and comfort can be incredibly beneficial.

With fingerless or semi-fingerless gloves, if you find yourself working with screens, either cell phones, tablets or computer monitors, not having to constantly remove your gloves means you won’t have to sacrifice your working rhythm for productivity.

The S13PNT3OF comes with an open thumb, index and middle digits, allowing for a finer, more precise touch, grip and feel. It also boasts abrasion and puncture resistance. The nitrile coating helps to prevent oils and foreign liquids from soaking through to the palm.

Are Touchscreen Gloves Right For You?

We use our hands for more than we think during the workday from emailing and texting to handling tools, objects and delicate materials. Even if you’re not necessarily active on a jobsite, taking off your heavy, bulky gloves to allow your hands a moment to breathe can be problematic and put you at risk. It can be that easy for an injury or accident to happen.

To be successful, whatever industry you’re working in, you need to have the right tools in place. If a pair of touchscreen gloves can allow you to attend to your more precise job needs without safety becoming a concern, they might be the correct choice for you and the most effective fit for your hands and job requirements.

When was the last time your workplace had a safety checkup? There can be so much more to workplace safety then just hand protection.

Our Glove Clinic program was designed to not only evaluate your gloves but go above and beyond in keeping you safe. Take a look here.

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