April 12, 2019 | Joe Geng |

Ok, We’re Impressed! Check Out These Innovative Gloves

Gloves in innovation

At Superior Glove, our two greatest passions are gloves and innovation – when the two collide, even better! We’re known for our innovative gloves – from the latest in engineered cut-resistant yarns to ground-breaking inventions like our Groundhog glove. Knowing how much hard work and dedication goes into innovating gloves, we’re always impressed when we see the incredible ways others are innovating gloves and making life a little better for all of us.

Here are just a few of the gloves that have inspired us:

A New Way to Communicate

Pictured: Roy Allela and his Sign-IO gloves

Every great technological breakthrough first starts with a great vision. And in the case of Roy Allela, that vision is poised to change millions of lives!

Allela is a Kenyan engineer who created the Sign-IO gloves. These special gloves are a real game-changer for the deaf and hearing impaired.

Here’s how they work: those who communicate with sign language wear the Sign-IO gloves. As they sign different words and phrases, the glove translates them into audible speech. The future is here, and it happens to fit right over your hands.

Adaptive Technology

Pictured: The NeoMano glove from Neofect

Roy Allela is not the only glove inventor to change lives. A few years ago, Neofect unveiled its “Rafael” glove, which assists those who have lost some use of their hands due to stroke. More recently, this Korean company introduced the “NeoMano” robotic glove to help victims of spinal cord injuries regain some hand function. Not a full glove, this device covers three fingers. But, restoring use even to three fingers can help people accomplish much, like opening doors, drinking from cups, using utensils, and turning pages.

The Next Step Forward

What role do we play in this glove revolution? It’s simple: Superior Glove helps reduce workplace accidents.

We designed special resistance gloves that help keep your hands safe while maximizing your mobility and flexibility. Our gloves can help you avoid pain from cuts, heat, impact, vibrations, and more. Whether you’re a manager who wants to keep employees safe or an employee who wants extra protection, our gloves will change the way you view the workplace.

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