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This is the Only Time You Shouldn’t Wear Gloves

Which glove should I wear around rotating equipment?

After talking to our sales team, this is one of the most common questions they are asked. Rotating equipment includes lathes or rotary tables. The answer might come as a surprise but in these cases the best glove is no glove.



Why is it Safer to Not Wear Glove Around Rotating Equipment?

When working around rotating equipment, wearing gloves can actually increase the chance of the operator being pulled into the machine, resulting in limb amputation or death.

Loose clothing, jewelry and gloves can get tangled in rotating equipment.


Machine Safeguarding:

Safeguards are essential for protecting workers from preventable injuries and according to OSHA safeguards must meet these minimum general requirements:

  • Prevent Contact: The safeguard must prevent hands, arms, and any other part of a worker’s body from making contact with dangerous moving parts. A good safeguarding system eliminates the possibility of the operator or another worker placing parts of their bodies near hazardous moving parts.
  • Secure: Workers should not be able to easily remove the safeguard. Guards need to be durable and firmly secured to the machine.
  • Protect From Falling Objects: The safeguard should ensure that no objects can fall into moving parts.
  • Create no new hazards:A safeguard that creates a new hazard while trying to protect against one is pointless. Be sure that the edges of guards are secured and dulled down to eliminate sharp edges.



Alternatives to Gloves:

Safety legislation bans wearing loose fitting clothing around rotating equipment but even tight fitting gloves can pose a hazard in these circumstances.

It’s not often that we would recommend that we’d advice not wearing gloves, but if you’re going to be working around rotating equipment, the safest option is to not wear gloves.

Instead, to stay safe when operating rotating equipment, you should be practicing alertness and continued attentiveness.


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