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New Year’s Safety Resolutions

We’re officially over a week into 2019. We’re excited to get right into this new year and make it our best yet! Which, of course, means we have some resolutions to maintain. You probably guessed it – they’re safety oriented, and we’re sharing them because we want you to make them your 2019 resolutions as well! C’mon, we believe in you!

Raise concerns about safety.

If you’re at work and are put into a risky situation, speak up! If it’s not something you can do safely, make sure you tell your supervisor or a colleague so they’re aware of the dangerous situation. Then you can work with your supervisor to come up with a safer solution to the job! Remember, your safety is always the number one priority.

Wear (and inspect!) the proper PPE.

We can’t stress enough how important it is to ensure you’re wearing the proper personal protection equipment (PPE) for the job. PPE helps reduce the chance of an injury and helps you do your job. Win-win! It might take an extra few minutes to get your gear on, but it’s much better than the alternative – a bad accident. Also, it’s crucial to inspect your PPE to make sure: 1) it’s still in a condition that will protect you and 2) it’s up-to-date with current standards. If it’s not, make sure you flag this with your supervisor! If you’re in need of new gloves, visit our selector to help you pick out the perfect gloves for your job.

Join the health and safety committee at work.

Every workplace should have a health and safety committee. These committees are extremely important in helping avoid preventable accidents. They prepare employees with the proper training that provides them with the tools and skills to help in case of a safety incident. This training could include but is not limited to: health and safety signage and what they mean, safety acts, laws and standards, “in case of injury” training, and emergency hotlines so that employees immediately know who to call in an emergency scenario. We’re always challenging our employees to participate in as much training as possible, especially when it comes to safety. Not only are you making it a safer environment for yourself, but for your coworkers too.  Look for ways to make your work environment a safer, better place for everyone!

Stop texting and …

The number one associated danger that comes to mind when it comes to texting, is texting and driving a car. This danger is very real and very serious, but it can also be risky to text and walk or text and drive a power industrial truck, such a forklift. If you’re walking around a warehouse where there are industrial-sized shelving units, forklifts and other heavy, powered machinery, you should be completely alert to avoid being in the way of possible danger. Same goes with those driving these industrial trucks. As with driving your own car, any distraction, no matter how small, could lead to a life-changing accident.

So, there you have it – our top safety resolutions for the new year. And now they’re yours too! Stay safe and enjoy 2019.

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