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The Ultimate Protection for Painful Fingertip Injuries

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Certain areas of your body have more sensitivity than others and for good reason!

Your fingertips have far more sensory nerves than your knees because you use them much more often. (Don’t believe it? Try this fun exercise and see for yourself.)

In fact, per square inch, hands and fingers have far more nerve endings than any other part of our body; however, this means that hand and fingertip injuries are also the most painful.

Adding to the sheer pain of the injury, hand and finger injuries are also very common.

For oil and gas workers, hand and finger injuries make up almost half of all recordable injuries with that number climbing closer to 80% for some facilities.

Looking at the mining industry, hands (including fingers) are the second most injured body part after backs.  

In fact, recent stats from the mining industry show that:

The most frequent type of event or exposure [leading to injury] involves being struck by equipment or objects… or being caught or crushed by equipment or objects[1].



While those working in mining or oil and gas have an augmented risk for hand and finger injuries, those in other industries are certainly not immune.

In the very recent past, workers from an auto parts manufacturer, cereal manufacturer, and plastic cup maker all suffered fingertip amputations while at work.

Additionally, their employers all received fines from OSHA above or close to six-figures.

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Of course, if you’re looking for hand protection, we’ve got you covered.

Wearing (the right) gloves can significantly reduce your chance of injury and new standards such as ANSI/ISEA 138 are ensuring more and better protection for sensitive areas like fingers.

But what about fingertips? Without a doubt, the most sensitive area of your hands, yet there exists very little in the way of protection specifically for fingertips…

… that is, until now.


If you know Superior Glove, then you know we could never stand by and do nothing while a vulnerable part of your hand is put at risk – so we did what we do best, we innovated!

Years of research plus many more years of field trials have cumulated into what we are calling PinchGuard technology, the first protection in North America designed specifically for fingertips built right into your safety gloves.

How convenient is that?

So, how does it work?

Much like steel-toed boots and hard hats, PinchGuard is a protective shield that wraps around your fingertips to absorb the force from impacts, crushes and pinches.

But are the gloves comfortable?

When people first see PinchGuard gloves in action, they’re always impressed by the protection capabilities but wonder about the usability – are they comfortable, can I still do my job?

The answer to both is YES.

Comfort and usability are always among our top considerations when innovating hand protection. Protective technology can be state-of-the-art, but if no one’s going to wear the gloves what good is it?

In developing PinchGuard technology, we worked with people from across a wide breadth of industries to ensure the gloves were both comfortable and functional.

A picture of a hand mimicking walking with the index and middle fingers, which each have a steel-toed boot on the tip.


Endura® Oilbloc™ Goat-Grain Driver Gloves with Crush-Resistant Finger Caps

This classic-style glove is perfect for general use not requiring impact-resistance. Featuring a sweat-wicking liner, this glove provides all-day comfort and is durable enough for the demands of even the toughest job sites.

A picture of the Endura Oilbloc Goat-Grain Driver Gloves with Crush-Resistant Finger Caps (378GOBFC)
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Endura® Oilbloc™ Goatskin Driver Gloves with Crush-Resistant Finger Caps and Impact-Resistant Back-of-Hand Protection

For those needing that extra impact-resistance, these gloves offer all the benefits of the Endura® Oilbloc™ Goat-Grain Driver Gloves with Crush-Resistant Finger Caps with the addition of back-of-hand protection offering ANSI Impact Level 2 protection.

A picture of the Endura Oilbloc Goatskin Driver Glove with Crush-Resistant Finger Caps and Back-of-Hand Protection (378GOBBFC)
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Not sure which PinchGuard gloves are best for you? Visit our comprehensive product page to learn more or email one of our helpful Business Development Associates.

Ready to try PinchGuard out for yourself? Say ‘Goodbye’ to fingertip injuries and ‘Hello’ to PinchGuard – request a risk-free trial at your facility today!

[1] Lebeau, M., Duguay, P., & Boucher, A. (2013). Estimating the Costs of Occupational Injuries | A Feasibility Study in the Mining IndustryEstimating the Costs of Occupational Injuries | A Feasibility Study in the Mining Industry (pp. 41-43). Montreal, QC: IRSST – Communications and Knowledge Transfer Division.

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