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Career Focus | Point Leamington Team

Pictured (from left to right) in front of the frozen Atlantic Ocean: Paul, Carolyn, Caitlyn, and Myra 

Did you know that many of Superior’s best-selling gloves and sleeves are made in Canada? It’s true, and many only ten feet from the Atlantic Ocean! In fact, one of the smiling faces in the picture above may have made your favorite glove.

Welcome to Point Leamington, Newfoundland! Home of some of the most breath-taking scenery you’ve ever seen, the famous hiking trail at Roswell’s Hill, and of course – Superior Glove.

For almost 40 years, this small community of almost 600 has been an integral part of the Superior Glove family, designing and manufacturing some of our customers’ favorite gloves.

In this Career Focus, we were able to speak to four members of this hard-working team who each provided their own unique perspective on working for Superior Glove and life in and around Point Leamington.

Meet the Team

We had the pleasure of speaking with Paul, Carolyn, Caitlyn, and Myra – four fantastic Superior Glove employees with vastly different roles and experiences.


When we spoke, Paul had recently moved into a new position as Cost Analyst, where he’s responsible for determining the price of our gloves and sleeves. This is a lot more complex than it sounds. He explained that his job involves examining each component that goes into making each glove or sleeve, from the fabric to the yarn, and then evaluating the labor involved in putting everything together. From this analysis, he determines how much it actually costs to produce a pair of Superior gloves or sleeves. It’s a numbers-focused position that requires patience and attention to detail – and Paul loves every second.


Carolyn has a variety of responsibility including transferring our logo onto the gloves and putting other finishing touches on to ensure our customers are delighted by each and every pair they receive. She is also skilled at using our Pegasus machine and if you’ve ever worn our popular STAFGFNT, Carolyn may very well be the person who made it for you!


Caitlyn is intricately involved in the manufacturing process from finishing gloves all the way through to inspection. Before they go out the door, she diligently inspects our gloves to ensure only the best get sent to our customers. If you’ve ever worn our award-winning SKGCXPS gloves, chances are good that Caitlyn had a hand in bringing your glove to life!


A 26-year Superior Glove veteran, Myra has done and seen it all. She loves her current position as Trainer, which has taken her all around the world including New York and Japan. As a trainer, Myra is responsible for ensuring employees both new and seasoned receive proper training so that they can perform their jobs safely. She loves that there’s always lots to do and that every day is different.

“No two people are the same, so even if I’m training someone on a machine I’ve trained on a hundred times before it’s still a new challenge because that person will learn differently than every other person I’ve trained.”

Myra also helps put together the patterns for our gloves. In fact, she put together the pattern for one of our top-selling gloves, the award-winning S18TAFGFN.

Additionally, she and Paul put together a comprehensive manual for training mechanics – a project and experience both say was made possible by the support and encouragement from Superior Glove.

Working in Point Leamington

Drive-in theatres, skating rinks, and free groceries – not things you would typically associate with your place of work, but at Superior Glove in Point Leamington, it’s a different story.

Positioned on the waterfront, only 10 feet from the Atlantic Ocean, the Superior Glove facility makes great use of the scenic wonderland around it.

In the winter months, Superior Glove clears an ice rink right on the waterfront and installed lights for evening skating. In the summer, a giant movie screen attached to the side of the building provides the perfect spot for a drive-in. Different movies are played throughout the summer and everyone is invited – Superior Glove employees as well as anyone from the surrounding communities who wants to enjoy a movie! Popcorn and refreshments are provided, making Superior Glove the place to be on family movie nights.

Pictured (from left to right) in front of the drive-in screen: Paul, Myra, Caitlyn, and Carolyn

If you’re wondering about the free groceries, that’s another example of how Superior Glove goes above and beyond to give its employees a merry Christmas. Every year at Christmas time, Point Leamington employees are given a coupon offering discounts on groceries from a local grocery store. But that’s not all – when employees use that coupon at the store, the store then enters them in a draw for a chance to win even more free groceries!

In addition to all the Superior Glove perks, Point Leamington is home to some of the most majestic scenery in Canada, including the beautiful hiking trails and picnic stops along Roswell’s Hill.

A quick drive to any one of the many neighboring communities brings even more adventure. For example, in the picturesque town of Leading Tickles, you can see ‘long liner’ fishing vessels and if you’re lucky, even catch a glimpse of some icebergs.

Of course, much like their Springdale counterparts, if you come to Point Leamington, you’re going to be screeched in! Don’t worry, it’s lots of fun and afterwards you’ll be an honorary Newfoundlander for life.

Working for Superior Glove

“There’s always lots to do, it’s very busy, but there’s also a lot of comradery and someone is always willing to help,” commented one team member.

That seemed to be the consensus from everyone we spoke with – busy days with lots of variety and a great team environment.

“The benefits are great and the company really shows it cares for its employees through action. Superior Glove fosters a truly remarkable working environment that is a pleasure to come into every day. They are also committed to improving the technology that runs the company to ensure we’re working with the best tools available.”

For someone looking for a rewarding career with a company that treats its employees well, Superior Glove should be top of your list.

Click here to check out the exciting positions available at our Point Leamington location!

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