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Career Focus | Marketing Team

Career Focus | There’s no “I” in “team”

When asked what it takes to succeed as part of the marketing department, the team had no difficulty reaching a unanimous decision: Teamwork.

The element of teamwork was a common theme throughout the interview, with one member commenting that the ability for someone to work well with the team would trump skills and ability.

“We have a highly skilled team, so obviously you’re going to need some skills, but when it comes down to it, the team functions better with someone who can work collaboratively rather than someone who has the best skills and experience.”

The marketing team at Superior Glove is a multi-functional department, acting very much like an agency with only one client. With so many diverse roles needing to come together to achieve common objectives, it’s no wonder that teamwork is such a vital aspect in the team’s success.

The composition of the department is as follows:

  • Marketing Manager | Provides leadership and dictates departmental goals and objectives
  • Digital Media Team | Manages and executes digital initiatives to enhance marketing initiatives
  • Content/Social Media Team | Creates and curates marketing initiatives and builds relationships through social channels
  • Graphic Design Team | Designs and creates the incredible branding associated with Superior Glove
  • Product Marketing | Liaison between Product Development and Marketing
  • Event Coordination | Manages and executes the myriad events Superior Glove attends and hosts

All these different roles work together to produce the cohesive whole which is Superior Glove’s power marketing team. Together, this group is responsible for all the great marketing content produced by Superior Glove (including the very piece you’re reading!). Without support from the others, no one role could succeed, which is why a high-functioning team environment is so crucial.

The team itself is relatively new with many members having joined less than a year ago.

“We have an incredible mix of people here – some have been with Superior Glove a long time and know the industry inside-out, while others are relatively new and bring a fresh perspective along with invaluable experience. It’s a great dynamic that allows new members to feel like part of the team from Day One,” commented Marketing Manager, Nancy Laviolette.

On the highest level, the marketing department promotes Superior Glove as a thought leader in the safety industry. On an executional level, the department creates all the media, events, and initiatives that engage and educate consumers. There is always a new opportunity and never a dull moment; with high standards and tight deadlines, life in the marketing department can sometimes be challenging, but always rewarding.

About the Role | Content Marketing Specialist and Digital & Social Media Marketer

“I don’t think most people realize how fun gloves and safety can be,” commented one marketer. At first glance, an outside observer may think that marketing for industries such as cars and alcohol would be more engaging than safety gloves – but nothing could be further from the truth.

“Not only are the campaigns we work on just as exciting as those for ‘sexier’ consumer products, but also I go home at the end of the day and feel good about what I do. Promoting safety is about way more than selling gloves – it’s about making sure workers come home safe to their families, every day. And that’s something I am truly proud of.”

Working in an open-concept office, the content/social media team works on a variety of marketing media from social posts to webinars to full-scale promotional campaigns. It’s an exciting – and busy! – functional team, where there is always opportunity to put forth ideas and lead projects.

“There is definitely an innovation-focused atmosphere within the marketing department,” said one team member. “Management encourages everyone to bring forth ideas and lead their own projects. And I do mean everyone. You don’t have to be experienced or have the most education – everybody counts. It’s really motivating and a great way to expand your skills and grow as both a marketer and a person.”

The content/social media team is responsible for ensuring all content – from social posts to in-depth research reports – is maximized in terms of impact. To do this, the team is inspired by its two mascots – Chicken Caesar and Chicken Stew. There’s a fascinating story behind the mascots and what they represent, but it’s a closely-held marketing secret and you’ll have to join the team to hear it!

About the Company | Working at Superior Glove

One thing there is never a shortage of at Superior Glove is support and encouragement. Team members are always encouraged to build their current skills and develop new ones. Many team members cited investment in training and commitment to education as one of the best things about working for Superior Glove.

“When I showed an interest in activities outside my skill set, my manager was quick to offer me the opportunity to gain those skills through further education,” commented one team member. Other members also agreed that Superior Glove had helped expand their skill sets and explore career paths in areas of interest to them.

In addition to being supportive, Superior Glove also provides a great environment that makes each and every employee feel valued and important.

“There are so many little things that happen here you don’t see anywhere else. On their own, they might seem trivial, but added up, it’s those little things that truly make working with Superior Glove feel like working with family.”


We’re Hiring | Content Marketing Specialist and Digital & Social Media Marketer

We’re always on the lookout for exceptional talent. If you’ve got a passion for marketing and the team player attitude needed to thrive on our marketing team, we want to hear from you!

Send your resume and cover letter to [email protected] for consideration.

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