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Career Focus | Business Development Associate (BDA)

Top row from left: Shayla Walker (BDA), Avery Unruh (BDA), Seth Board (BDA), Beth Paisley (Inside Sales Manager), Kelsey Kirkpatrick (BDA), Jill Dales (Lead BDA)

Bottom row from left: Robyn McColl (BDA), Chelsea Mackie-Richards (BDA), Sarah Cunningham (BDA), and Kiana Snider (BDA)


Career Focus | Not Your Average Service Role

What’s the best way to protect a worker who works in a hot environment and has a risk of puncture wounds from hypodermic needles? I have no idea, but a Business Development Associate (BDA) could come up with several suggestions, design a safety plan, and have samples shipped out the door all in the time it took you to read this sentence. Ok, perhaps they’re not that fast, but they are safety experts who help our customers implement the most effective safety plans.

The BDA position is a multi-faceted, challenging role that provides an engaging experience for professionals looking to enhance their sales skills as well as those just starting their career. BDAs receive an enormous amount of training and acquire substantial product and safety knowledge throughout their career, allowing those in this role to work with and learn a great deal about other departments within the company. Former BDAs can be found in Product Development, Marketing, and even Human Resources.

It’s important for us as a team to hire new members with the same positive, can-do attitude we all have.

About the Role | Business Development Associate

The Business Development team plays an integral role at Superior Glove: They are product experts working directly with customers to develop customized safety program recommendations. Not only must BDAs be fully versed in glove and safety knowledge (no small task with well over 3,500 different products and counting!) but also need to be informed about our customers’ industries. To develop this incredible knowledge base, each BDA goes through an intensive training program their first month on the job and keeps learning throughout their career. A huge resource every BDA has access to is their teammates. This is not a silo position; each team member is there to support the others. In this way, knowledge is spread out over several people, each one with their own area of expertise.

When I sat down to speak with the BDA team about their role, the aspect of teamwork really came through. In fact, one member described her teammates as a second family, underlining the close relationships the BDAs develop with one another. That’s why it’s so crucial for new BDAs coming onboard to have the right personality and characteristics to truly mesh with the team.

“We’re looking for the right mixture of niceness and boldness,” says Jill Dales, Lead BDA. “Obviously, a pleasant disposition is a must-have in any customer-facing role, but it’s also important for us as a team to hire new members with the same positive, can-do attitude we all have.”

The entire team agreed that one of the biggest perks of being a part of the Business Development team is coming into work each day and being greeted by smiles and genuine excitement to start the work day.

“We all encourage each other and feed off each other’s energy,” commented one of the BDAs. “We even have an internal rewards system. We work so closely together we hear everything that’s going on. When someone does something exceptional or goes above and beyond, one of us will give them a gold star as recognition. It may sound silly to someone who has never experienced it, but for us it’s a great motivator and team builder.”

Although this is a customer-facing role, it goes well beyond customer service. Every customer is different and requires a customized solution – there is no one-size-fits-all! BDAs must think on their feet and be adept at problem-solving to make the appropriate recommendations. The BDAs were in agreement that the diverseness of the role is one of the most engaging aspects, allowing them to interact with almost everyone in the company and providing a challenging work day that is always different from the one before.

There is a certain art in conducting a sales call that doesn’t sound like a sales call, something Inside Sales Manager Beth Paisley calls, “the beauty of a great sales conversation.”

“We’re really looking for people who are willing to learn and invest time in developing their sales skills. Each BDA makes over 35 calls a day, which can get monotonous, but a truly great BDA will ensure each and every customer hangs up feeling like they just had a great conversation. That is really the crux of great selling – getting answers to your questions in a friendly, fluid conversation and not making it sound like an interrogation. Those that stick with the position emerge with a solid set of sales skills, which will deliver tremendous value over the course of their career.”

Paisley adds that those who tend to do very well in this position have an open mind coupled with a willingness to learn and come from a variety of backgrounds including retail, which can be considered ground zero for building sales skills.

A truly great BDA will ensure each and every customer hangs up feeling like they just had a great conversation.

About the Company | Working at Superior Glove

If you’ve ever worked at a company with 100+ employees, you know how difficult it is to know everyone’s name. That’s why it’s especially amazing that at Superior Glove, a company rapidly approaching 400 employees, the President and Vice President know each employee’s name and go out of their way to get to know everyone on a personal level. Several BDAs called this out as an important aspect of the Superior Glove culture that made them feel welcome and proud to work for the company.

“A lot of companies say they have a culture, but Superior Glove actually does,” commented one of the BDAs as the others nodded in agreement. “They really do treat you like family. The President of the company takes every employee out to lunch and on an activity, such as canoeing or hiking, and really makes an effort to get to know each of us on a personal level; it’s unheard of, really.”

Pride in the company was a recurring theme throughout the interview. From those who have been here almost a decade to one team member on her third day, all agreed that culture-wise, this was the best place they’d ever worked.

As a large employer in several small towns, community involvement is not only something Superior Glove does, but also a real part of the culture. From supporting local sports teams to building a splash pad at a local park, Superior Glove supports the towns in which it operates through more than just employment. One particular event that excited the Business Development team was the annual Santa Claus parade, where the entire company comes together to build a float from scratch. There are also tons of team-building activities throughout the year, many of which involve fundraising for the community and can cause quite a bit of (healthy!) competition amongst the Superior Glove family.

A lot of companies say they have a culture, but Superior Glove actually does.


We’re Hiring | BDA and Bilingual BDA

Superior Glove is actively looking for candidates to fill two open spots on the Business Development team, including a bilingual role handling customer relationships in Quebec.

The BDA role provides a great foundation for almost any career path, especially jobs in health and safety. BDAs will gain skills and experience in many different verticals, opening up unlimited opportunities for future career growth.

If you’ve got the skills and the can-do attitude needed to succeed on this team, send us your application today!

Click on the links below to view our open positions and apply online:


Business Development Associate


Bilingual Business Development Associate


We look forward to welcoming you to the Superior Glove family!

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