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Can One Visit Improve Your Safety Stats & Save You Money?

AltaSteel is a producer of rolled steel products for the mining, construction, automotive and engineering industries.

But AltaSteel had a problem.

They were spending over a quarter of a million dollars annually on gloves and they were still having hand injuries. A lot of hand injuries.


Fifty seven injuries in 2014 alone.

AltaSteel reached out through our Advocate Partnership Program looking for guidance. Our Northern Alberta territory manager, Michael Johannesson, made an appointment with AltaSteel’s purchasing and safety team to identify the problem and find some solutions.


Here’s what he found:

AltaSteel workers face a number of hazards on a regular basis. The company operates steel making, hot rolling and heat treatment facilities. As raw material, the company draws on the scrap steel from Edmonton and surrounding areas of Alberta and recycle the scrap metal into a new product.

hot rolling steel


Together Michael and AltaSteel agreed on meeting three goals.

  1. Reduce hand and arm injuries
  2. Reduce overall glove and safety costs
  3. Reduce redundancy and ensure the right gloves are being used

By using the steps that Michael discussed in The 7 Dangers of Rogue Glove Buying, those three goals were accomplished.

As Lucy N., AltaSteel’s Senior Buyer, wrote us

“I wanted to take this opportunity to relay some important information regarding our Superior Glove Advocate Hand Protection Program you began for us in 2014. I am very happy to announce that as a team we have all done this together and I wanted to share the stats over the last year:


An 84% reduction in hand injuries

  • Hand injuries in fiscal 2014: 57
  • Hand injuries in fiscal 2015: 9


$156,590 reduction in glove spending

  • Glove spending in fiscal 2014: $333,304
  • Glove spending in fiscal 2015: $176,714

By having one meeting with our glove experts, AltaSteel got the ball rolling towards a safer workplace. During the course of the program, AltaSteel dramatically reduced costs on gloves, improved employee safety and increased education on PPE and workplace safety.

This didn’t happen overnight and it required a lot of dedication from AltaSteel to devise a program and enforce it, but the outcome couldn’t have been any better.

“We are very happy with Superior Glove’s efforts and expertise to help us in achieving these results. We look forward to continuing towards our zero goal.” – Lucy N., Senior Buyer.


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