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The Best Heat-Resistant Gloves of 2018 (in under 3 minutes)

Deciding on the Best Heat-Resistant Gloves:

Don’t expect to find your average pair of oven mitts on this list. We’re looking at the best heat-resistant gloves of 2018 on an industrial scale.

These are gloves that are designed and tested to not only protect your hands from hot surfaces but also be worn for an 8 to 12 hour shift.

We based our list of the best heat-resistant gloves and sleeves of 2018 on two criteria:

  1. Is this glove a best seller?
  2. Is this glove a fan favorite

Cool Grip® Terry Cloth Glove Product ID: TRK

trk heat resistant glove
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  • Great low heat-resistant glove
  • Good protection up to 390°F
  • Ambidextrous design. When it starts to wear out, flip it over — twice the glove for the same price

Additional Information:

  • Seamless knit for better comfort
  • Fully washable for added value
  • Knitted with Protex® fire-resistant fabric

Cool Grip® Extreme Heat Glove Product ID: SKX-W4

skx w4 heat resistant glove
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  • Kevlar®/carbon fiber knit shell for excellent cut and heat resistance
  • 100% wool knit terry liner
  • Two gloves in one means added bulk but the trade-off is extreme heat protetion
  • Good for 600°F +
  • Four inch cuff for added protection to wrist

Additional Information:

  • Kevlar®/carbon shell offers high ANSI A5 cut protection
  • Easily washed (but avoid bleach)
  • Flame resistant

Dexterity® Flame-Resistant Arc Flash Glove Product ID: S13FRNE

s13frne best heat resistant glove 2018
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  • Designed for arc flash, so it’s not a traditional heat glove
  • Answers the need for high tactile feel when dealing with heat at a maximum of 350°F
  • Neoprene palms add grip and heat resistance, will not melt or drip

Additional Information:

  • Touchscreen compatible
  • Arc flash level 2; ATPV of 9.2 cal/cm²

Cool Grip® Polyester Glove With Silicone Strip Palm Product ID: SPFGSS

spfgssbest heat resistant glove 2018
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  • Best freedom of movement in a high heat glove
  • Air is trapped in spaces between silicone strips to allow longer contact in high heat conditions
  • Good for 600°F +
  • Polyester/composite filament fiber blend for ANSI A3 cut resistance

Additional Information:

  • Silicone strips increase grip as well as heat resistance
  • Salt and pepper color hides dirt for longer glove life
  • Silicone strips are contoured to conform to your hand

Contender™ Flame-Retardant Sleeve Product ID: KBKB1T

spfgssbest heat resistant glove 2018
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  • Good for incidental heat contact: 500°F at 3 seconds
  • Sleeves aren’t rated the same way as gloves because you aren’t in contact with heat for prolonged periods of time
  • Incidental heat contact means you’ll brush up against something hot and this gives you enough time to process “ouch, that’s hot” and move your arm away, avoiding a burn
  • Comes in three lengths: 14 inches for forearm protection, 18 inches to bicep and 22″ for full arm
  • Uses STAYz-UP™ armbands to eliminate sleeves slipping from sweat or use

Additional Information:

  • Flame resistant and ANSI level A4 cut resistant
  • Washable (avoid bleach)
  • Optional thumbhole to prevent sliding when reaching up

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