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Battle of the Palm Coatings: Polyurethane Vs. Micropore Nitrile

Pop quiz: Should you use polyurethane or micropore nitrile when dealing with wet and oily metal?

Answer:If you don’t know then you need to read this post!

The material used to coat your glove can greatly improve (or limit) your job performance.

For the purpose of this post, we’re using two of our newest gloves: STACXPURT and STACXPNRT.

stacx series of gloves

We called them “The Unicorn of Gloves” because they’re unbelievable. They have high cut, good grip and are insanely comfortable to wear.

The main difference is that STACXPURT (left) has a polyurethane coating and STACXPNRT (right) has a micropore nitrile coating.


Which Palm Coating Should You Choose?

We reached out to glove expert Michael Johannesson to help us understand when polyurethane should be used over micropore nitrile, and vice-versa. Here’s what he said:

As Michael explained, the difference between the two coatings are night and day.


Micropore Nitrile (as seen on the STACXPNRT):

TenActiv™ Composite-Knit Cut-Resistant Glove with Reinforced Thumb and Micropore Nitrile Grip STACXPNRT
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What Michael said:

  • Super grip when pushed into moisture.
  • Creates a suction cup effect improving your grip.


Polyurethane (as seen on the STACXPURT):

TenActiv™ Composite-Knit Cut-Resistant Glove with Reinforced Thumb and Polyurethane Grip STACXPURT
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What Michael Said:

  • This coating gives you higher dexterity.
  • More of a ‘tacky’ bare-hand grip.


When to Use Polyurethane Over Micropore Nitrile:

Polyurethane is best for dry conditions. This material doesn’t shed, making it best for jobs where contamination is a concern. It will not work in wet or oily conditions.

Micropore nitrile is best for wet conditions because of the suction cup effect. It will work in dry conditions but won’t have the bare-hand feel of polyurethane.

Did you know…

There are SEVEN common materials that we use for glove coatings?

Learn about the other five by reading this post.


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