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The Secret to Preventing Electrostatic Discharge

What are Gloves for Electrostatic Discharge?

Designed for use in particle sensitive and low-contaminate environments, anti-static or electrostatic discharge (ESD) gloves protect workers and the environment around them.

working on circuit board while wearing ESD gloves


How Do ESD Gloves Work?

ESD gloves feature a blend of soft conductive and synthetic fibers. We design gloves that enhance your skills and safety while preventing damaging static discharge.

When working in electronics assembly, gloves are worn with the intention of keeping oils from the skin off the circuit boards.

Other anti-static procedures must still be employed. Using ESD gloves allows this to be done much more efficiently.


Types of ESD Gloves:

There are various blends that are offered in ESD protective gloves – below are some examples of what we offer.


Anti-Static Nylon Gloves:

These gloves (sometimes also called Conductive Gloves) are made of dust-free nylon fabric knitted with nylon and carbon filament yarns coated with polyurethane on the palm and fingers.

They are seamless, elastic and provide a non-slip surface.

Anti-Static Nylon Gloves are Good For: Automotive, Paint Line,  Electronics , Cleanroom, Parts Assembly, Food  Industry (must be CFIA/FDA approved).


Sure Knit™ Flame-Resistant Rhovyl® Anti-Static String-Knit Gloves Product ID: S13FRT
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Anti-Static Polyester Gloves:

Anti-static polyester gloves and garments are made of polyester material and are used in electronic assembly where static charge is a concern.

ESD gloves are designed to work with static sensitive devices where bare hands are not desired.

Anti-Static Polyester Gloves are Good For: Biotechnology Labs, Pharmaceutical Plants, Electronics, and Automotive Plants

Sure Knit™ 13-Gauge Low-Lint Filament Polyester String-Knit Gloves Product ID: S13TP3K

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Anti-Static Arc Flash

Superior Glove also offers anti-static arc flash gloves.

By using flame-resistant materials for the string knitting and carbon filament, we can impart anti-static properties along with features like cut resistance.

Proving that you can have heavy-duty protection in environments where ESD gloves are required.

Anti-Static Arc Flash Gloves are Good For: Petrochemical, Utilities, Oil and Gas

Dexterity® Flame-Resistant Arc Flash Glove with Neoprene Palm Product ID: S13FRNE

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About Our Products:

In the field of electronics, hand protection is fairly specific.

While workers need protection from cut and optimal grip in light oil, gloves are primarily used to protect the product from both contamination and static buildup.

We’ve designed our gloves to be light for maximum dexterity and touch sensitivity since most tasks involve precision.

Taking certain job applications in mind, we feature a number of ESD gloves, and our in-house cleanroom laundry allows us to clean-process many styles.

All styles for this industry are fine gauge and snug fitting.


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