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A Review of Our Best-Selling TIG Welding Gloves

Welding is more than a trade, it’s an art. Ask any TIG welder.  

Providing greater control over the weld area than other welding processes, TIG welding often results in the most high-quality welds. It requires a tremendous amount of skill to produce the highest quality TIG welds, but the results can be nothing short of artistic marvels. There are even entire Instagram accounts dedicated to showcasing the best-of-the-best in TIG welding.  

We were thrilled when mechanical engineer and TIG welding enthusiast Adam Bahret agreed to try out some of our top welding gloves and give us his honest review.   

Bahret is the Owner and Lead Engineer of Apex Ridge, a reliability engineering consulting firm, which specializes in reliability testing for products from concept through to production. As someone who gets excited about the science of how things work and a prolific TIG welder, Bahret makes for an excellent reviewer of Superior Glove’s innovation-driven line of welding gloves. 

We asked Bahret to review four of our leading TIG welding gloves from our Endura® line: Endura Goatskin TIG WelderEndura Heavy-Duty Horsehide TIG Welding GloveEndura Grain Pigskin TIG Welder’s Glove, and our latest offering, the Endura Premium TIG Welding Glove. 

With over 20 years experience in product reliability testing, Bahret was not only able to review our TIG welding gloves, but also offer an expert opinion on areas for improvement.  


Endura Goatskin TIG Welder | 370CTIG 

Made from nature’s strongest leather, Bahret found the Endura Goatskin TIG Welder gloves to have a good blend of protection and flexibility. He found the material durable and felt they would work well for welding large structural pieces and handling rough edges. 

Endura Heavy-Duty Horsehide TIG Welding Glove | 365HBR 

According to Bahret, these heavy-duty gloves live up to their name. They are ideal for industrial work and handling heavy objects while welding. The dexterity needed to take TIG welding from functional to artistic isn’t quite there, but for fixing a tractor or joining some I-beams, these are your gloves. Bahret recommends thickening up the side of the hand to add support for long, deep welds.  

Endura Grain Pigskin TIG Welder’s Glove | 335PTIG 

Bahret finds the pigskin material optimized for touch, providing good tactile feel and torch control. The downside is that they are not as well-insulated as thicker gloves and may burn your hands should you pick up a particularly hot piece of work. These gloves are a great choice for those looking to make more artistic TIG welds. To improve the gloves, Bahret recommends adding some protection at the radiative heat points on the fingers. 

Endura Premium TIG Welding Gloves | 398GLBG 

This glove Bahret found to be really impressive. While not as sensitive as the Endura Grain Pigskin TIG Welder’s Glove, it has an exceptional mix of flexibility, feel, heat control, and ruggedness. He found it to be a great all-round glove that is now his go-to.  

For car enthusiasts, he compared the gloves to a Porsche Panamera. The analogy goes that this tried-and-true station wagon delivers the speed and handling of a sports car but can also do all the functional tasks a 911 Carrera Turbo can’t – like picking up your kids, fitting an impulse-buy table saw in the back, and making it through a snowstorm.  

His suggestions for improvement were to add some extra insulation on the bottom side of the hand and the pinky finger, areas which he feels often aren’t insulated enough for TIG welding, and to have an option of the glove with a shorter cuff; he typically welds with a full jacket, making the extra coverage redundant. For those like Bahret who prefer the shorter cuff, our Endura TIG Welding / Multi-Task Gloves provide the same great comfort and protection as our Endura Premium TIG Welding Gloves without a gauntlet cuff. 


You can click here to read the full review on Apex Ridge’s blog. 

Adam Bahret is the founder of Apex Ridge, an engineering consulting firm specializing in reliability engineering for product development with clients including Google, Boeing, Amazon Robotics, and Hyundai. Bahret is a mechanical and electrical systems reliability expert with over 20 years of experience in product development. He received his MS in Mechanical Engineering from Northeastern University and is an ASQ nationally certified reliability engineer as well as a member of IEEE.

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