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A Game of Gloves: Are You Putting Safety First?

With this past Sunday’s finale, HBO’s global sensation Games of Thrones came to an end.

While we may not be returning to Westeros anytime soon, we can still look back on everything the show taught us over the past eight seasons – and how safety can be so important.

Regardless of what your workplace hazards are, whether you’re going up against dragons, warring armies or facing cut dangers on the processing line, you need to keep your hands protected.

Today, we’ll be highlighting five gloves that can protect you from some distinct hazards (dragons not included) and help keep you safe for the next time a battle for the ages comes around.

“The Underdog” – STACXPNRT

The STACXPNRT is abrasion, cut and puncture-resistant, while still providing an expected level of comfort and dexterity, with a spandex material that can improve tactile sensitivity.

Additionally, the Nitrile thumb crotch can reduce the effects of use in critical areas, while the palms provide a strong grip in wet or oil-rich conditions. This glove is often used by those working in manufacturing, automotive or construction.

“The Hero” – 378GKGVB

A favorite of those working in oil and gas, the 378GKGVB comes with a padded palm to protect against vibration dampening, while the back-of-hand safeguards are impact-resistant without limiting flexibility or dexterity.

With high-strength goatskin, you can count on excellent abrasion resistance, alongside cut and puncture resistance.

“The Villain” – 505ALB

With Kevlar® sewn throughout to maintain the seams, an aluminized back that reflects up to 95% of radiant heat and leather that is resistant to ultraviolet radiation, the 505ALB is a welding glove-like few others.

Plus, this glove is able to protect one’s hands through intermittent contact with hot objects up to 392°F (200°C).

“The Warrior” – MXD30

With its D30® elastomer and Kevlar® thumb patch, the MXD30 is rated for level 3 puncture protection and is able to protect vulnerable areas from knocks by absorbing or displacing energy.

The palm and fingertip patches also provide a strong grip, while the Velcro® cuffs add additional protection and hand comfort.

“The Winter Warden” – SNTAPVC

Winter may not be coming anytime soon but the SNTAPVC is made with the winter wearer in mind. With a PVC coating that will keep its flexibility in sub-zero temperatures, either outdoors or when working in cold storage, while also providing a strong grip in wet and dry conditions. 

So When You’re Deciding on the Right Gloves…

While you may not be looking to claim the Iron Throne, whatever hazard you’re facing, keeping your hands protected can be critical. From puncture, abrasion or even weather risks, wearing the right pair of gloves can make all the difference.

We may not be able to protect you against a wayward dragon but if you’re not sure where to get started, we have a few resources to help point you in the right direction.

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